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2024 Goals

Whether we are ready or not, 2024 is here. While I was gone for basically half of 2023, I am looking forward to having a whole year to try and achieve some personal goals for our Foodscape and our business. Let's get right into it.

Foodscape Food Forest Edible Landscaping Central Florida
Front Yard of The Serene Forest in 2023. Photo taken by FOL in The Serene Forest.

Goal 1: Be thankful for what we already have. It is so easy to want MORE MORE MORE. I am sure that most other plant lovers out there have this problem. The attractiveness of new plants sometimes overwhelms our appreciation of what we already have. Having too many new plants can make it easy to neglect the plants we already have. In one way, this can make us neglect plants we already have causing missed harvests or even plant loss. But more importantly, the MORE MORE MORE attitude is not sustainable. Especially if every new plant is purchased instead of self propagated. So this year, I want to remain thankful for what we already have and not let "plant greed" over take that.

Goal 2: Be Patient. In a world where everything happens fast, it is hard to remember that nature has its own clock. We get used to food being available right here right now. Information being available right here right now. I think this makes it hard for us gardener to plant things and be patient enough to achieve a harvest. This is especially real for fruit trees. Most fruit trees take 3 years for a harvest after planting. What a time investment!! While waiting, it is easy to feel the need to add something, or even change something that could end up negatively impact our garden's success. I would even extend this to buying mature plants vs self propagating. I feel the need to add mature plants that could yield harvest sooner vs saving money and propagating the plants myself.

Goal 3: The Garden is not My Family. While I have never had an official complain from my family that I spend too much time in the garden, I never want it to get to that. For me personally, it is easy to become consumed with the "To Do List" of the garden. Time has to come from somewhere. This year, I want to be extra cautious that the time is not coming from what could be time with my family.

Goal 4: Get Serious About a Nursery. While our landscaping business has been blessed with good customers and fun projects, selling plants is such a good supplement to income between projects. With the world being so easy for online market places, selling plants online is definitely a valid method for income. But, in order to be successful you have to have a good inventory. This year I would like to focus more on plant propagation that is dedicated for sale and not just for adding to my own Foodscape.

Goal 5: Actually Use the Foodscape. I am embarrassed to admit that even when the Foodscape is producing, I still tend to seek food from restaurants, the grocery store, and "convenient" good. Not only does this have the high probability to negatively impact my health, but it is also wasting the investment I have in our Foodscape. So this year, I want to do better about spending the time to harvest and then prepare food from the Foodscape.

Goal 6: Get as Close as Possible to Fruit of Labor being the Bread Winner. Full transparency, right now my wife has a full time job and I have a part time job while our landscaping business attempt to grow. I spend two days each week working in the Emergency Room of our local hospital. This has been perfect while the business tries to grow. I am only obligated to work 2 twelve hour shifts a week. This allows me to have 5 days to spend focusing on the business or being with family. But this is not what I want long term. So I want to make a big push this year for the business to become profitable enough to replace at least one of those incomes.

Goal 7: Become as Self-Sufficient as Possible. We all know that 2024 has high probability to be a crazy year. With all the world events going on and it being an election year, there is no certainty on what the future holds. Being self-sufficient has been a long goal of mine even before crazy world events like the pandemic, increasing inflation, and etc. This year I would like to get close to being able to rely on the Foodscape and hunting / fishing in replace of all if not most of the grocery bill. This goal is probably going to be one of the most difficult. It requires success in the garden, but also a change in mentality on where food comes from. It requires food prep and planning. AND it requires having discipline to continue to work while not lazily resorting to convenience.

Goal 8: Pray Over the Foodscape. We are Christians and still ever growing in our faith. I would imagine that some of you reading this are not. So this goal may not be relatable to you. But, if you are Christians, you would understand the tendency for us to try and do things ourselves instead of lifting things up in prayer. We are called to pray about everything and even still.... I realize that I don't pray over my Foodscape enough. This actually extends to the business as well. So, in 2024 I want to be better about praying for our Foodscape and Fruit of Labor.

That's it for 2024 goals right now. I may find more as the year goes on but this is a good start.

What are your goals for 2024? Feel free to comment below and share your goals or even thoughts about our goals. I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for reading!

See you.................................

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