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Fun Fact Friday July 28, 2023

Todays Fun Fact Friday is about the Yellow Garden Spider or Argiope aurantia. This particular spider was just added to our Gardening Friends and Foes section of our Gardening Forum. Check it out by CLICKING HERE

So what's so interesting about this spider? This spider is also known as The Writing Spider because it is the only spider that makes a very distinct vertical "zig-zag" pattern in its web. While the reason for doing so is not completely known, it is believed that it helps make the web more visible to birds. This reduces the chance that a bird will accidentally fly into the web and destroy it. The fancy word for this is stabilimentum which literally means "web decoration".

Female Yellow Garden Spider - Argiope aurantia
Female Yellow Garden Spider - Argiope aurantia - and the trademark zig-zag pattern

Obviously, birds are not on the menu for these spiders. Accidental destruction by birds or humans causes the spider to start again from scratch. The main prey of this spider are dragonflies, wasps, and bees. But, any small insect caught in its sticky web will do. Including Butterflies. I watched an unfortunate Monarch get caught just the other day. And so it goes in nature.

Hope you enjoyed this week's Fun Fact. Make sure you check us out again next week for "What is it Wednesday" and "Fun Fact Friday".

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