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Revealed!! What Is It Wednesday - American Burnweed

Happy Sunday Everyone!

We are a day late on posting our #WhatIsItWednesday reveal so I apologize for the delay. Thank you to everyone who participated this week. There was only a small amount of participation this week, which I expected, mostly I think due to the fact that this was a tough plant to identify.

We did have a winner. He participated on our Instagram page The.Serene.Forest and he won a $10 prize. The winner chose to donate the money to a local non-profit organization which is one of the 3 options we allow for redeeming the $10 prize. Congrats to you and thank you for being generous!

This week's plant was American Burnweed, Erechtites hieraciifolius. Other common names include Butterweed, Fireweed, Pilewort, White Fireweed.

This plant is native to most of North America. It is listed as edible and is believed to have some medicinal properties. I personally do not like the taste. So if you have any experience with this plant please let us know.

Thanks again everyone. Watch the video below to see the full reveal.

See you..........................

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