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Fun Fact Friday - Rattlesnake Master

It's almost the weekend and today is #FunFactFriday !!

This week I wanted to give you a few fun facts as an introduction to a really unique plant that is native to Florida. This plant is called Rattlesnake Master or Button Snakeroot - Eryngium yuccifolium

It gets its common name from the Native Americans who used it to treat rattlesnake bites and a few other ailments.

This plant is a really cool addition to any garden. It attracts a wide variety of wildlife and can even be a host plant for the Eastern Black Swallowtail. Once the white flowers bloom, we see all types of pollinators coming around.

Rattlesnake Master can be grown in a wide variety of conditions making it super useful for landscaping. We like to randomly disperse them around our front garden bed which is full of random flowers for a English cottage-like vibe.

It could also look really good as a border plant or planted in groupings beneath taller plants.

What do you think about this plant? If you love it and want some of it please check out our online nursery to see if we have any in stock. If we don't, shoot us a message.

See you......................

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