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Custom Projects

Fruit of Labor is an insured business specializing in edible landscaping and pollinator gardens.

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Foodscapes and Food Forests

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Pollinator Gardens

Imagine walking through your yard and filling a basket of food at the same time! Foodscaping or edible landscaping is replacing ornamental plants with either edible aesthetically pleasing plants, or colorful pollinator attractors that support your foodscape. Food forests are edible landscapes that are built using permaculture practices and resemble more of a "wild" forest than a manicured landscape. 

If you would enjoy watching butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators bounce through your garden then you need the right plants. Butterflies seek out flowers that will provide nectar for their food and host plants to feed their caterpillars. Fruit of Labor strives to plant as many Florida native plants as possible in pollinator gardens. Florida native plants not only support local pollinators, but also require almost zero maintenance and irrigation once established. 

Botanical Garden
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Rain Gardens

Florida Native & Florida Friendly Landscaping

Frustrated by unwanted standing water in you yard after crazy Florida style rain? Rain gardens are landscape additions that help absorb and filter excess rain water. 

Want your landscape to be authentic and reduce the introduction of invasive plants? Florida Native Gardening is not only better for the environment, but is also easier to maintain because the plants are already suited for Florida's climate and soils. Florida Friendly Landscaping practices offer a wider variety in plant selection while maintaining the principles of incorporating beneficial and noninvasive plants. 

Other Landscaping Projects

While Fruit of Labor focuses on edible landscaping and pollinator gardens, we also provide service in other areas


Installation: Plants, Sod, Mulch and Rock 


Property Cleanup and Plant Removal

Does your yard need a refreshed look? Fruit of Labor can install all new or touch up existing landscape features. 

Need to start from scratch? Fruit of Labor offers cleanups and removals of existing landscapes to allow clients a chance at making their property everything they want it to be. Service include:

Overgrown Landscape Cleanup

Waterfront Cleanup

Existing Plant / Bush Removal

Sod Cutting

Stone Removal


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