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Our Work

We are proud of our work and want to show it! Here are some of our favorite projects and demonstrations of our capabilities. 

FL Native Plant Pick-Up Truck Waterfall

This was a fun and very customized project. This client dreamed up the idea of having a waterfall originating from their old model flat bed truck. This water feature is surrounded by native plants that will fill in and become a focal point of their landscape. 

Foodscape Manicure

Sometimes people fall behind on keeping a foodscape manicured. We are here to help you get back on track. We want you to enjoy your foodscape, not be overwhelmed by it. That's exactly what we did for this client. 


Native Butterfly Garden in City Park

We were asked to help freshen the appearance of a city park in Debary, FL. It had originally been planted to be a butterfly friendly garden. The plants had originally been donated by a local nursery. Recently, the garden had been struggling so we came to help rejuvenate its appearance. All the new plants are loved by pollinators and so easy to take care of. 


Florida Native Pollinator Garden

We took a backyard that was already showing promise as a beautiful butterfly garden and transformed it into a FL native butterfly sanctuary. By planting a variety of nectar sources, host plants, grasses, and shrubs this garden now attracts around 30 different species of butterflies!


Florida Native Rain Garden

We love it when people want to go native! We were able to incorporate a bunch of natives into a rain garden at this Winter Park home. 


Mulch Touch Up and Beautification

We don't always get to help with the plants, but we will help with any of your gardening needs. This client did all the planting himself but needed some help mulching afterwards.

Gravel Pathway



 Gravel pathways can really add beautiful texture to your landscape. Although rock and gravel are a more expensive pathway option, they will outlast the investment.  

Planted a Small Hedge and Added In Mulch

Sometimes the front yard just needs a touch up to really rejuvenate it's appearance. New mulch always helps it pop!

Butterfly Garden in the Shade

Growing gardens in mostly shade presents a challenge. But we were ready to help push some limits. 


Large Pollinator Garden

In an open field, we were asked to build a garden that would attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. We did just that! Approx 2,000 sq ft of 90% Florida native wildflowers. We also included host plants for specific butterfly species. It took less than 1 week to see their first caterpillars!


From Pond to Plants

This client had a pond that took up much of his backyard that was requiring too much work to maintain. After removing all the water, rocks, and liner we installed fill dirt followed by rich top soil where the pond once was. Next we installed Florida Friendly plants and mulched per the client's request. Lastly, we touched up the gravel pathways and even created a new one in the side yard. 



Riverfront Cleanup

A gorgeous property on the St John's River need a little touch up. In order to help the river bank with erosion, plants needed to be carefully removed or cut back. All Florida native plants were left untouched. Later, we came back and installed various native plants such as dune sunflower, elderberry, pickerelweed, yellow canna, spider lily, porterweed, and muhly grass. 

Beach Sunflower
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