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What Is It Wednesday Rules

Updated: May 25, 2022

What Is It Wednesday is meant to be a fun weekly challenge that asks readers to correctly answer a question about a picture. Most pictures are a cropped and zoomed edit of a normal picture I have taken. The purpose is to challenge followers to use their skills to guess what the plant is. Sometimes hints are given to direct readers towards a better guess.

Rules and Policies:

Intention: For participants to, under their own discretion, willingly submit answers to a question posted on an online public platform that have the potential for entry into a randomized drawing for a prize of some value.

What Is It Wednesday Posts will be posted on @the.serene.forest Instagram page AND The Serene Forest Blog on .

No purchase necessary.

Answers can be submitted by commenting, direct messaging on Instagram or blog page. Answers can also be submitted by email to

Answers must be submitted prior to midnight on Wednesday or 1200 AM Thursday in order to be included in random drawing for that week's prize.

All answers will be judged by the author for correctness. Final decision of correct or incorrect answers can not be challenged by any entity.

Participants who submit correct answers will be entered into a random drawing for that week's prize.

Only one entry per participant per week.

Random drawing will be conducted within 36 hours of closing of entries.

Winner is chosen by randomized drawing with each participant having an equal chance of winning.

Winner will be notified by Direct Message or email as soon as reasonably possible.

In order to receive the prize, winner will need to provide name and address for prize to be mailed to. In some cases, prizes can be made digital and be emailed. If emailed, winner will still need to provide their legal name to claim prize.

Author will retain winner's information until receipt of prize has been verified. Afterwards, winner's information will be deleted.

If winning participant does not respond to notification of drawing within 72 hours of result, cash value of prize will be donated to Florida Native Plant Society 4013C.

Rules are subject to change at any time. Participants are expected to read rules and policies each week for any changes or updates.

Fruit of Labor Landscaping Service, The Serene Forest, and The Author of the post are no liable for any damages, damages from sharing of information, or other unintended outcomes from random drawing.

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