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Day 3 of the Foodscape Challenge

While closing out Day 3 of the Foodscape Challenge, I am feeling pretty good. My stomach has been fine. I've only had brief moments of hunger that I normally would have had before meal time. I haven't had any super strong cravings. And last but not least, I didn't scorch my mouth with peppers today.

Its also worth mentioning that I have lost 5 lbs since Day 1. I was 212 lbs and now I am 207 lbs.

Breakfast was simple with a boiled egg and a banana. I wasn't very hungry and had to be up early for an appointment. Before lunch I was hungry and ate a tasty banana. Then another.

Around lunch time I made a salad using kale, longevity spinach, cranberry hibiscus, celery, and moringa leaves. Topped it off with a little Italian dressing. It was bland and boring which made it hard to eat. I ate it the course of an hour and then didn't even finish it all. It became my late afternoon snack. With another banana of course.

I don't know if its just a coincidence, or if eating so many leafy greens has actually caused it - I feel like the space between my molars and increased. I keep getting strands of kale stuck. It's only in between the last molars but on both sides up and down. Weird. It's impossible to reach with my fingers, and slightly painful to floss out. I guess it could be worse. It could be in my front teeth and everybody could see it.

Dinner was the standard.... peppers and more peppers. I made a scrambled egg bowl using 3 eggs, a variety of peppers, kale, longevity spinach, and cranberry hibiscus. I cooked the peppers first in a skillet with bacon grease. I was super careful to remove all the seeds. I cooked them for at least 10 minutes on low medium. Next I added the greens with some salt. Once they were soft I added 3 eggs and scrambled them in. Every once in a while I got a little kick from a pepper. But, I was glad to have eaten another full meal without sweating.

Again, I was surprised at how little I have craved other foods. I avoid looking at anything in the pantry or the areas of the fridge where I know goodies may be hiding. The only time I felt a pull was when my wife made potatoes in the air fryer and the smell made my mouth water a little. *Note to self, have a starch during the next foodscape challenge.*

I will admit, I am getting bored of my food. There's only so many ways I know how to make greens. Salad and stir fry. I am not sick of peppers yet even though I am fearful every bite that a hot pepper is going to rock my world. The bananas have gone a long way in adding sugar and a different texture to mix things up. Blackberries are still a sweet treat.

Tomorrow I may try and banana smoothie was a bunch of greens. I just hope it doesn't end up tasting like pure kale juice. I also may try a stew with some herbs, pigeon peas, and greens.

Key Takeaways remain the same:

  • I wish there was more fruit

  • I need more beans/peas

  • Having a starch would really go a long way

  • Variety is necessary to prevent food boredom

  • The eggs from the chickens are clutch

  • More sweet pepper and less hot peppers please

See you.............

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