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Fun Fact Friday - Bagworms May 24, 2024

What's Up Everyone? Happy Friday and that means today is #FunFactFriday

Sorry for being inconsistent with our #FunFactFriday posts. Fridays just get so busy. I actually recorded this video for last week's Friday but never got around to posting it. So, enjoy it now!

Bagworms are super cool moth larvae. The name is common among like 1,000 different species of Bagworms. For the most part, bagworms only host on trees and bushes. Meaning that these critters should leave you prized food crops alone. With that being said, please appreciate bagworms as a cool God created critter in the garden.

The name bagworm comes from the moth larvae's habit of creating a "sleeping bag" of sorts out of plant material. The plant material helps protect the larva from predators. Even most of us would mistake it just by looking at it!

Check out the video to learn more details about bagworms. You can also head over to our Gardening Forum for a more in depth post about them by CLICKING HERE

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