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Revealed!! What is it Wednesday April 3, 2024 - Sunshine Mimosa

Hope you all have had a great Saturday! Today I am revealing this past week's #WhatIsItWednesday

I want to thank everyone who participated. We had a good turnout of participants. So much so that we are able to donate some money to the Florida Wildlife Corridor.

We did have a winner. This week's winner was a participant on our YouTube post. I have reached out to the winner to coordinate their receipt of the $10 prize. Check your inboxes and comments to see if you were the winner!

This week's plant was Sunshine Mimosa. It is also commonly called Sensitive plant or Sensitivity Plant. The botanical / scientific name is Mimosa strigillosa. This is a ground cover native to Florida and has many uses in the garden. We mention in the video that Sunshine Mimosa is a legume, and like other legumes, will fix nitrogen into nearby soil through their roots and a relationship with soil bacteria. Sunshine Mimosa is a great plant to have around leafy greens because of the nitrogen fixing capabilities. It also blooms unique pink flowers that attract many pollinators. Attracting pollinators is a great way to increase harvests for food producing plants.

Again, thank you to everyone who participated. I hope that you all continue to check back with us each week for our #WhatIsItWednesday posts. Our goal is to make each week a fun way to help people learn about plants while also donating money to some great organizations that supports conservation, native plants, and wildlife in Florida.

See you..........................


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