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Revealed!! What is it Wednesday August 9, 2023

Yesterday's "What is it Wednesday" was a tough one. These small pink flowers belong to Salvia coccinea, Tropical Sage! It also goes by Texas Sage, Scarlet Sage, and a few other names. This plant is a Florida Native that can explode with color in the landscape. It is easy to grow and reseeds itself readily. This means it will always be around, but could spread to other areas of the yard if allowed. It is available in Red, Pink and White flowers. If grown together, eventually offspring will become only pink and red - then eventually only red.

Salvia coccinea Tropical Sage
Salvia coccinea Tropical Sage
Salvia coccinea Tropical Sage
Salvia coccinea Tropical Sage

Did you have a hard time figuring out what plant this was? I do admit, the zoomed in picture I selected did make it hard. Thank you everyone for participating!! We do have a winner this week so check your inboxes to see if it was you!

Don't forget that we donate to the Florida Native Plant Society every time we host "What is it Wednesday". For every 10 participants we make a donation. So even if you don't know the answer, take a wild guess so we can raise money!

See you..............................................

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