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Revealed! What Is It Wednesday - Rouge Plant

What's UP Everyone!

This week for #WhatItIsWednesday we asked you to identify the plant in the original video. You can see the original post by CLICKING HERE.

This week's plant was Rouge Plant. It is also called Pigeonberry and Bloodberry. The botanical / scientific name is Rivina humilis

You can watch the video for some more information on this plant.

If you are interested in adding this plant to your landscape, please head on over to our online nursery by CLICKING HERE. We can ship plants or meet you locally if you are in Central Florida.

Thanks to everyone who participated. We hope you keep enjoying our weekly posts. The whole point of this is to learn about new plants and to raise money for different non-profit organizations who are focused on conservation here in Florida. Please remember, that #WhatIsItWednesday requires no purchase or financial commitment from you. Our business does the donating, and even provides the winnings to each weekly winner without any input from the participants.

This week, we donated money to the Florida Wildflower Foundation. This is all because you participated. So, we thank you.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

See you.....................


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