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Starfruit Blooms and Pee

What's Up Everyone

Happy Sunday. I hope you get a chance to slow down and enjoy your blessings today.

I recorded this video on Saturday. It's an interesting one. Have you ever peed on plants? Like... with a purpose? Sure we all have peed outside at some point. But I mean.... like.... really peed on plants.

Well I have been. In the past several months I came across a comment, post, or something (I can't remember now where I saw it) that said that someone experienced more frequent blooms and fruiting of their Starfruit trees when they pee on the plant. After reading it, I thought to myself - what's it going to hurt to try?

So ever since that, I have been urinating just outside the drip line of one of my Starfruit trees just to see if it would have any effect. Low and behold... it did. I think.... Or it is just a big coincidence. But I'd like to think my pee worked.

This Starfruit tree just got done blooming and fruiting not too long ago. Maybe back in March. Up until now, I have never had it bloom more than twice in a year. Most of the time I was getting one a year. My other Starfruit trees are not blooming. Which further adds to the credibility that my pee worked.

Are you peeing on plants? If so, let me know what you are peeing on and if it is working.

See you.......................................

P.S. This was a really fun blog to write since all I did was talk about pee. I'll never grow up.

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