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Luffa Gourd Take Over!

Luffa Gourd is one of our favorite vining plants because it is so prolific and a single vine can yield over 5 gallons of edible gourds. It has virtually no pests but the flowers do attract ants. But I can live with ants over other pests that attack and compete for the vegetables of more traditional gourds like zucchini and cucumber.

Luffa Gourd Female Flower
Luffa Gourd with Female Flower. Photo taken by FOL in The Serene Forest

Not only is this an edible plant, but the dried gourds can also be used for.... you guessed it.... luffa!

If I haven't already convinced you that Luffa Gourd deserves your gardening attention, this last part definitively will.

Luffa Gourd is so easy to propagate from seed. Once the gourd has dried on the vine, seeds are ready to be collected. As you turn the dried luffa into.... luffa.... the black seeds will fall right out. If you live in Central Florida like me, store the seeds in a dry place for planting in February or March. I find that planting during this time will give you the longest fruiting and harvest season as Luffa tends to slow down by December.

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Check out this video of a volunteer Luffa Gourd that has taken over part of our front foodscape.

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