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Revealed!! What is it Wednesday September 20, 2023

Yesterday's picture seemed to give everyone trouble. This plant is definitely not super popular, and rarely sold in nurseries. What is it?

White Twinevine, or Funastrum clausum

White Twinevine Funastrum clausum

White Twinevine Funastrum clausum

White Twinevine Funastrum clausum

This is a Florida Native perennial vine that has a native distribution from Central Florida down to all the way to the Florida Keys. It is a very prolific grower and can bloom year around in the right conditions. If you like a prolific vining plant for a an arbor or fence line... this plant is perfect for you.

Besides being an easy to care for native vine, White Twinevine is in the same family as our native milkweeds. And YES... Monarchs, Queens, and Soldier Butterflies will host on it!

It does prefer soil that is usually moist and it is found naturally on the edges of wetlands. It is not as picky about sunlight.

If you are interested in adding this plant to your landscape, check out our SHOP where we offer shipping and local delivery to certain ZIP Codes.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Our winner has been notified so check your inboxes! The winner was a participant on our Instagram page @The.Serene.Forest

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26 set 2023

It looks like a Hoya. Does it have a scent?

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