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We Were Blessed Today!!!

On Thursdays our church asks volunteers to come help clean up since Wednesday nights they serve dinner. I knew I had the day off today so I planned on volunteering. It would be my first time going.

A few great things happened.

The first one being that I got to donate some of my free time to serve. I don't think enough people do that. Whether it be for your church, community, or any cause really. Contribute somewhere.

The second one being that, without any planning, my mom showed up to help too. So we got to see each other and talk for a little while.

The third thing that happened was I met a crew of workers that were trimming trees around the power lines in the church parking lot. I walked over to say hello and asked where they would take all the mulched wood. Then I asked if they would take it to my house instead. They said yes! So now we are expecting 3 deliveries total of 10 yards each of mulch! All for free.

I had always seen people try and use chip drop but had never signed up. We are so blessed to have been able to make this connection for free mulch. I will be using it to surround my fruit trees and foodscape. This mulch will help reduce watering needs, provide a beneficial layer to topsoil, and eventually break down into compost for our plants.

Lessons learned: Donate your time with no expectation of a reward or recognition, spend time with your mom while you have the ability to, and talk to strangers about where they are taking their mulch.

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