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What is it Wednesday April 10, 2024

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

This week for #WhatIsItWednesday we are asking you to identify the flowering plant in the video below. The big hints this week are that is is an annual wildflower that has been cultivated for resale. While originally thought to be a native to Florida, the science nerds are showing that is likely not native east of Texas. Bummer.

If you correctly identify this plant you could win a $10 prize. Prizes include either a $10 gift card, $10 discount to our online nursery, or $10 donation to a non-profit of your choice.

In order to participate.... you need to do the following:

Comment with your guess on this post, our facebook page, instagram page, or youtube channel

You can also send us a message on either of those platforms.

Or you can email

If you don't know the answer you should guess anyway. For every 10 participants (right or wrong answers), we donate $5 to a non-profit involved in conservation here in Florida. This week we will be donating to the Florida Wildlife Federation.

For rules and policies CLICK HERE

See you....................................

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