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What Is It Wednesday April 24, 2024

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!

Every Wednesday we try and do a fun plant identification contest we call #WhatIsItWednesday Each week we ask you to identify a new plant. If you get the answer right, you are entered into a random drawing for a $10 prize. That prize could be:

$10 gift card to a brand of your choice

$10 off our online nursery

$10 donated to any non-profit of your choice

Answers must be submitted by midnight on Friday (April 26) to be eligible.

All correct and incorrect answers are considered participants. For every 10 participants we are donating money to the Florida Wildlife Federation.

Watch the video below to see this week's plant. It is a Florida Native wildflower that we love growing in our garden. It attracts loads of pollinators and even hosts the Common Buckeye Butterfly. The light purple flowers fall off every afternoon but are back again before I wake up in the morning. This is a must have for any Florida Native Garden, Florida Friendly Garden, or Butterfly Garden.

For Rules and Policies CLICK HERE

See you....................

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Apr 24

Carolina petunia

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