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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

This plant means a lot to me. It is the bush that my wife and I planted as a symbol of our marriage. The common name "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" served as a symbol of our love, faithfulness, and commitment to each other throughout our marriage - yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

During our ceremony we added new soil and water sealing in our pledge to each other. Afterwards, we planted it in our front yard as a constant reminder of what it means to us and for constant appreciation of its glorious blooms.

Now, it has grown into a mature bush just like our marriage continues to grow and mature. We get so excited when it blooms. This plant is not only a great colorful addition to our landscape, but it also stands out in its importance to our family.

Soon, we will be selling cuttings of this plant. If you are interested in adding this to your landscape, keep an eye out in our online store.

See you...............................

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