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Revealed !! July 13, 2022 What is it Wednesday

This week's What is it Wednesday is Porterweed!!! Stachytarpheta jamaicensis is a FL native low lying perennial. There is a variety sold in big box stores that is not the true FL native variety so be careful where you buy! Not only is porterweed easy to take care of, but it also blooms constantly and attracts butterflies. The flowers are also edible and taste like mushrooms.

We had a lot of good guesses this week and had one lucky participant selected in the random drawing to win this week's prize. We will announce the winner when permission is obtained.

We will also be donating $5 to FNPS based on the number of participants in this weeks What is it Wednesday posts.

Hope you enjoyed playing and check back next week for another chance to win!

See you ....................................

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