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Revealed!! June 29, 2022 What is it Wednesday

This week's What is it Wednesday proved to be a straight up stumper. When I first saw this flower I knew it looked like it belonged to some kind of nightshade. And it does. I wondered if it belonged to some kind of ornamental sweet potato or morning glory. And I was close.

After some digging around I was able to identify this as "Man of the Earth", Wild Potato vine, Wild Sweet Potato, or Ipomoea pandurata. This plant is considered native to Florida according to the atlas of Florida plants, although it is not listed on the FNPS website.

We must have stumped everyone because there were no guesses this week. The cash value of this week's prize will be donated to the Cuplet Fern Chapter of the FNPS since there was no winner. Better luck next week!!

See you.............................

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