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Revealed!! What is it Wednesday

This week's "What is it Wednesday" was our first ever post requiring identification by fruit. This plant goes by a few different common names but we typically call it Gin berry. It is also known as Orange berry. The botanical name for this plant is Glycosmis pentaphylla.

Gin berry Glycosmis pentaphylla Orange berry
Gin berry Glycosmis pentaphylla. Photo taken in The Serene Forest by FOL.

This week's winner has been notified and chose to have her $10 prize to be donated to The Florida Native Plant Society. How cool is that? She participated on our Facebook post in a group called "Central Florida Gardening Friends".

We had 20 total submissions that will enable us to donate even more to great Florida Conservation Groups. This week's donation will go to the Florida Wildflower Federation in the amount of $10! The more people who participate each week the more we donate!

Thanks again to everyone and congrats to our winner! Check back next week for another chance to win.

See you............................................


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