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Revealed!! What is it Wednesday

Yesterday's "What is it Wednesday" should have been easy for anyone growing food forests here in Central Florida. Or Florida in general. While it is more commonly known in other areas of the world, like Asia and the Caribbean, it has grown in popularity in the southeastern U.S.

What is it???

Pigeon Pea. Cajanus cajan
Pigeon Pea Blooms. Cajanus cajan. Photo taken by FOL in The Serene Forest

Pigeon Peas!!!! or Cajanus cajan

Pigeon Pea seed pod
Pigeon Pea seed pod and bloom. Photo taken by FOL in The Serene Forest

I want to congratulate our winner of this week's prize, Dana, who participated via our instagram page @The.Serene.Forest . She has elected to have her $10 prize donated to a charity of our choice. We have chosen to donate the $10 prize to the Florida Wildlife Corridor. The Florida Wildlife Corridor comprises nearly 18 million acres of contiguous wilderness and working lands crucial to the survival of many of Florida’s 131 imperiled animals.

Thanks to everyone who participated. We did not have enough participation this week to fundraise money. Please help us reach more people by sharing our posts or telling others. For every 10 participants we donate money to some great organizations. We were only 3 participants short!! We require no money from participants and there is no cost to claim the winner's prize. All we ask for is participation.

Check back next week for another chance to win!

See you..........................

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