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Revealed!! What is it Wednesday August 2, 2023

Yesterday's "What is it Wednesday" was a tough one. I imagine not many people ever look super closely at this small blue flower. It is Evolvulus glomeratus commonly known as Blue Daze! This small but vibrant blue flower can really bring great accent to any garden. Plus, the bees seem to really like it. Therefore, I like planting this around my foodscape near plants that require cross pollination.

Blue Daze is also known as Brazilian dwarf morning-glory and Hawaiian blue eyes.

Did you have a hard time figuring out what plant this was? I do admit, the zoomed in picture I selected did make it hard. Thank you everyone for participating!! We do have a winner this week so check your inboxes to see if it was you!

Don't forget that we donate to the Florida Native Plant Society every time we host "What is it Wednesday". For every 10 participants we make a donation. So even if you don't know the answer, take a wild guess so we can raise money!

See you..............................................

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