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Revealed!! What is it Wednesday November 8, 2023

Did you know yesterday's "What is it Wednesday" plant? We had way more right answers than wrong answers this week. That means that you guys were dead on with identifying this flower as belonging to Barbados Cherry!

Barbados Cherry
Barbados Cherry Flower. Photo taken by FOL in The Serene Forest

Barbados Cherry
Barbados Cherry Fruit. Photo taken by FOL in The Serene Forest

This week's winner was a participant on Facebook in the Group "Florida Backyard Gardening".

Thanks to everyone who participated. We had enough participation this week that we are able to donate money to the Florida Wildlife Federation. Please help us reach more people by sharing our posts or telling others. For every 10 participants we donate money to some great organizations. We require no money from participants and there is no cost to claim the winner's prize. All we ask is for participation.

Check back next week for another chance to win!

See you..........................

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