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Revealed!!! What is it Wednesday October 11, 2023

This week's "What is it Wednesday" was a good one!! We had lot's of participation this week so thank you everyone who submitted a response. This week's winner has been notified so check your inboxes. Our winner submitted their response on our Facebook page Fruit of Labor Landscaping Service LLC.

This week's plant was Luffa Gourd. Luffa is a genus that has several different species and many of them can be grown in Florida. We love this vining plant in our foodscape. It is a prolific grower that can have a plentiful harvest on just one vine! Smaller green fruits can be picked and eaten. Fruits left on the vine long enough to turn brown and dried can be harvested and turned into a sponge like material life the luffa name suggests. We like to cut the dried luffa into circles which we use to clean dishes, or even in the shower!

Thanks again to everyone who participated. Based on the amount of participants, we are going to make a donation to the Cuplet Fern Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society. For every 10 participants (right and wrong answers) we donate money to organizations that focus on Florida Conservation.

If you haven't done so already, become a member of our website to receive emails when we post "What is it Wednesday" posts. You can also follow us on our Facebook Page and our Instagram Page @the.serene.forest

See you.........................................

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