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July 05, 2023 What Is It Wednesday

I am so happy to be back and am ready to kick off our weekly "What is it Wednesday"!

This week's "What is it Wednesday" is a plant that is very unique. Once you you have been introduced to this plant, you will begin to see it everywhere. It has a common name that reflects exactly what this plant is. Of course Latin names are always preferred.

To participate in What is it Wednesday all you have to do is correctly guess the name of the plant pictured. Submit your guess by commenting on this post, emailing, or you can go to our Instagram page @the.serene.forest and comment/message us there. No purchase is necessary.

All correct answers will be entered into a random drawing to win a $10 gift card. Answers can be submitted until midnight tonight.

AND for every 10 participants, we will donate $5 to our local FNPS chapter.

For rules and policies click here.

See you..........................

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Melissa Shadle
Melissa Shadle
Jul 05, 2023

Beauty berry?

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