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What is it Wednesday November 1, 2023

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

I can't believe it is already November!

This week's "What is it Wednesday" should be familiar with Floridians in the fall. If they haven't already, this Florida Native plant should be in full bloom. Do you know the name of this plant? If so, comment below. You can also send us a message or email us at

pink muhly grass florida native clumping grass

Don't know the answer? Comment anyways. "What is it Wednesday" is our weekly fundraiser. For every 10 participants, we donate money to a non-profit organization involved in Florida Conservation. Organizations such as:

You can also submit answers to our email at Go to our Instagram account @The.Serene.Forest to participate in "What is it Wednesday" there.

We also share this post to our Facebook Page where you can also participate.

All Correct answers will be entered into a random drawing to win a $10.00 prize. Winners can also choose to have their winnings to be donated to a non-profit of their choosing. You have until midnight tonight for your correct answer to be included into the random drawing. If you would like to review rules and policies for "What is it Wednesday" please go to that category in our blog, or CLICK HERE.

See you.............................................

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Melissa Shadle
Melissa Shadle
Nov 01, 2023

I just pulled some seeds from my muhli grass yesterday in hopes of growing some babies to spread the love


Looks like Pink Muhli grass. I just deadheaded mine today.

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